111111 Projects


Partial list of ongoing projects:

– Computer simulation of the visual system and objects recognition;

– Recurrent neural networks for temporal series classification/separation;

– Audio prothesis conception for stimulation in the Inferior Colliculus;

– Noise processing by the auditory system;

– Multimodal (audition and vision) 3D simulation environment for the training of intelligent agents;

– On the importance of the noise and spontaneous activity of neurones for the information processing in the Brain;

– Sensory substitution from vision to audition and from audition to vision for new assistive technologies;

– Intelligent agent able to learn in interaction with the environment;

– Auditory scene analysis and sound source separation;

– Visual scene analysis and objects finding;

– Understanding of the brain plasticity and of multimodal perception;

– Perceptive audio watermarking for copyrights protection.