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Participation in SFN conference 2018


Maryam Hosseini’s work was presented at the SFN (Society For Neuroscience) conference which took place from November 3 to 7 in San Diego, US. There, she presented her research on encoding of background noise in the central nucleus of inferior colliculus (ICC).

Her research project  aims to study the effect of various background noise on the spiking activity of neurons in different auditory structures. She has proposed metrics to directly evaluate the effect of additive input noise on neural activity of a given neuron.

Participation in the ICAD 2018 conference

Oral presentation to the ICAD 2018 conference

Oral presentation to the ICAD 2018 conference

PhD Student Louis Commere presented his work at the International conference on sonification ICAD (International Conference on Auditory Display) which took place from June 10th to 15th, 2018 at Michigan State University. His PhD project consists on developing and testing a sensory substitution system from vision to audition for blind people. For this purpose, the student developed a 3D point cloud data sonification prototype that he presented orally at the conference.

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NeurIPS is over!

NeurIPS (previously NIPS) just passed by two weeks ago and it was busy time. Another great opportunity to learn from the great professors and from our peers, we spent a week full of lectures, interesting posters, parties organized by the sponsors, and overwhelmed by how many workshop I wanted to attend to.

Smiley faceThe DEVINE team made their spectacular introduction to science by demonstrating the crazy amount of work and detail that went into making the robot you see in the picture play the GuessWhat?! game with the conference attendees. Impressive!

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We finished the week with the workshops, and we were particularly interested in the ViGIL Worshop, organized by our collegues from the IGLU project. In the picture you see Chris Manning defending the importance of producing new unbiased datasets, to overcome shortcomings of the previous benchmarks.

NECOTIS has spent 3 productive years within IGLU. This time we presented 2 of our papers, and one from the team at Zaragoza. Jêrome Abdelnour published with Giampiero Salvi and Jean Rouat the article CLEAR: A Dataset for Compositional Language and Elementary Acoustic Reasoning and presented his poster, a dataset to challenge the acoustics community to follow up on the achievements in visual questions answering. Luca Celotti published with Simon Brodeur and Jean Rouat the article Language coverage and generalization in RNN-based continuous sentence embeddings for interacting agents and presented his poster, a study to understand how much language can be learned by standard techniques in Deep Learning, since the community lacked objective measures and theoretical bounds until now.
The following Monday we said goodbye to the project IGLU, last meeting, wrap up and conclusions. It’s been an interesting collaboration, and it all started here three years ago, with the lead of Jean Rouat and Simon Brodeur.

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